Midnight Whispers

The soft lullabies of stars that tucks me to the bed each night

Often lends an ear or two to listen to my silent whispers

The controversies my heart finds herself in; questioning, giggling, crying,

Night plays the judge frequent, in the audience will sit the other muted mouths.

Where are my strings ending?

Why do the emotions bubble?

How can I put an end to turmoils within?

The whispers after midnight will be quick to give me answers

But the morning brings forth a new reason to ponder over,

Another day of debating logic and magic.

Poem of Evening

I look at the sun slowly distancing himself

From those eyes who held him dear

The golden traces of his love and reluctance still left behind

In the blues of heart ache now only console is the Tranquility

And serenity of moon of silver hues known for spinning tales

The stars dancing and retelling as minstrels of folklores.

Those deserted souls, devoid of warmth

Now seeks healing from the coolness of nights

A way to soothe the burns of day.

A Quest For Hope

(Finding hope even after our wishes shatter)

When a toddler tries walking for the first time, he stumbles and falters quite often. But he never gives up or he shall end up never learning to explore the world with his two legs.

This very lesson we learn at our homes imparts us with the life long advice of rising again. The glory does not lie solely in excelling at first attempt. Greatness in being a “Phoenix”. No matter what crumbles us, what burns our will, what obstacles crosses our path, keep growing, rise from the dead ashes, gathering all the hope you possibly can start walking towards the peak from where you had always hoped to see the world.
That place where the wind smells of miracles and smiles.

At times, we may bot get or have what we had desired. Wrongly judged, misunderstood. The void within may scream of hurt and heartbreaks. Cry it all out. Then with the tear streaked face signifying your victory against your demons, stand up and continue the journey.

Make your own road of fate; build it with faith, hope amd dedication.

It is never easy though. Discouragement will often trace their way back to you, but never let it put off the candle of self-belief.
And soon the light and warmth will guide you like the North Star showing you the direction of better days.

Teenage diaries: The magic of writing and other artistic expressions

In situations so dire and mundane, where fear and uncertainty constantly haunts us, the only way I escaped the world was through writing. Scribbling notes of satisfaction would soon after bring the beam and joy back to my face and soul. And a melody attached to those hours when my fingers worked on imagination and reality with the pen, it would just be the cherry on top of cake

It was never easy in the beginning. I was afraid that people would not admire my writings. I was constantly scared of being judged. But with the passing time and blooming confidence I decided to let it out. For others to know me through my words; for others to relate to my feelings. The fleeting emotions and a rollercoaster of a mood of the last year of teenage now left traces on the columns of art instead of the pillow as salty wetness.

Expressing my opinions has helped me learn a little more about myself every day. The journey of self-discovery has aided to the process of self-love.

“Art for art’s sake” these words are now etched on my heart forever. Not merely for recognition, no more for the sole sake of meeting standards. I write for myself. I write for all the unheard voices that get ushered under the blanket of convenience and reluctance. For those whose facade of smiles hide millions of scars.

Each one of us has a medium of excahnge: the exchange of thoughts. That can be through music, culinary skills, magic of pencils and paint brush, the tapping of foot to the beats.

Being in the final year of the complicated teenage, It’s my advice to all the budding young adults to find for yourself one such medium. It has helped me comeout of depression,fight those battles that I never thought I could otherwise.

It’s your life. Make the best out of it. Do not let other’s judgments bring you down. Definitely life isn’t a fairy tale, but you are the heroine of your own story.

Never lose hope and be kind.

Introducing Myself : Another wondering star in a galaxy

A seeker of knowledge and lover of adventures describe me perfectly.

Travelling from place to place and knowing different people always keeps me inspired.

I am Ahona Mukhopadhyay, a writer, bibliophile, lover of music amd new to adulthood.

I sincerely hope you all would enjoy my expressions and experiences through words that I will conpile in this site.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions regarding my writings. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed. Help me grow through sharing your knowledge with me and other readers.

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